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Professors with wet noses

Having 170 kids and 20 dogs together in one school was potentially a recipe for chaos and it almost seemed like that at first glance. But as our Professor Paws Fun Day finally got under way, it soon became clear that kids and dogs alike were having a ball – while learning at the same time.

Our amazing Animals Asia team of Mark, Chelsea, Marnie, Jasmine, Cassie, Austin and Arvid, joined by our dedicated teaching volunteers, joined the staff at Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary School in Hong Kong’s New Territories to turn 170 excited students from local schools and charitable children’s organisations into proud Pet Cadets.

The children were divided into small groups with their very own four-legged Professor Paws (and an adult teacher!) to learn about caring for dogs in our community and why everyone should treat them with respect.

The kids were first invited to stroke the dog sitting in the middle of their circle, but not before they had politely asked the owner and offered the dog their hand to sniff safely before running their fingers through the dogs’ soft fur.

A programme like this prepares kids who have never even touched a dog before to treat them respectfully and safely in the street and to understand more about our “best friends” behaviour and characteristics.

By the end of the afternoon they had learned that dogs have needs and emotions very similar to ours and were heroes of the community in relation to how they protect us from harm in various situations, and love us unconditionally in the family home.

Learning about caring for dogs while, at the same time, enhancing their English language skills, the day culminated into a fun-filled quiz and a hearty chorus of our Pet Cadet Song. I thought I would burst with pride at the end when the children finished off the day’s events by placing hands on hearts and solemnly reciting the “Pet Cadet Promise” to love and respect all animals for ever.

Please click here to read the full story of children and animals joining together in harmony right here in Asia, in a win-win programme for both. Pics from Arvid! :-D

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