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Time to relax a little

I love reading the weekend reports when things are a little quieter and the person on duty can enjoy some well-deserved bear-watching as well as attending to the normal duties of the day. Here is a lovely addition to the brown bear’s antics by Hayley this weekend:

“Caesar dug an impressive hole in the cave on Saturday which was filled after evening recall. Watched her playing and splashing in her pool on Sunday for a long time. Very happy and seemingly now, small bear! Benji dug a hole in front of the viewing window on Sunday. Rather feeble effort compared to Caesar’s, but we humoured him and filled it back in.”

Here's a beautiful shot of Benji, taken by Rainbow:

And some more pics Rainbow took of Caesar enjoying her new home:

Plus Hayley's final message featuring our gorgeous Jasper:

“A very enjoyable, relaxing weekend with bear cuteness going on all over the place. Below is Jasper demonstrating the best way to disembark from a hammock….”

And some hilarious photos of the whole episode taken by Zhong Yuyun (John):

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