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Farewell Little Eddie

Something told me in vet Leanne’s voice that it was going to be bad news. I’d returned to Hong Kong at the weekend for meetings this week and was dreading a call from the team as they went back to the dog rescue centre on Tuesday.

No matter how many prayers, the call still came from Leanne that morning saying that Little Eddie was showing the symptoms of distemper, had stopped eating food, and was now curled up sleeping for most of the day. It was clear she had no quality of life and could now be passing disease on to the other dogs.

As I listened to Leanne, with waves of sadness and frustration, I had visions of that gorgeous, scruffy yellow girl lying on my lap in the sun just a few days before.

She and so many of the other rescued dogs had lived through the terror of their journey, caged, bitten, sick and so terribly confused.

Now at the point in their life where they had found sanctuary and people who cared, their own immune systems had let them down and they had finally succumbed to the disease of the trade.

Thanking the girls for calling me, I sent a message to Little Eddie before they gently put her to sleep – and then passed on the sad news to our staff in the Hong Kong office.

In among such raw grief and anger that we couldn't help this dog who was so beautiful of face and nature, I thanked the heavens that we had that time in the sun, together, last week.

We have to move on with resolve. We have to look at the 59 dogs left alive, who make us smile with their trusting eyes and their joy of life, and who help us celebrate the true character of dogs we know and love. We must use the research we are compiling – tell their story, and change their world for the better.

For now, the dogs that are still with us, are getting plenty of love from our team. Here's Hayley with some of the survivors...

...and Mr Potato Head...

...and Yu Jun...

...and Hayley, Wen, Leanne and Helena.

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