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Xin rocks!

Just a year ago, we had a very special guest on site - a Taiwanese rock star by the name of Xin. A vegetarian and animal lover, he must have fallen in love with the bears as he promised to compose a new song for them before he returned.

True to his word, Xin came back to our sanctuary just recently to tell us about his new song "Release" about the bears and how it's his latest album.

Coming to Chengdu to do a concert at the giant stadium here, he stopped off to see the bears once again and even helped Senior Vet Heather and our team on a health-check with Cookie.

After that, it was a visit to see our formidable brown bear, Caesar, and a look of disbelief on his face when he saw the "full-metal jacket" Caesar had been forced to wear on the farm.

Speaking at a press conference on site where he held a slogan board announcing "Let's reject buying or using any BEAR BILE products!", Xin was clearly a hit with the journalists jotting down his words.

Occasionally they would ask him about his new album, but he refused to respond, saying: "I don't want to talk about anything related to my songs, I just came here to see these bears."

One of the journalists asked if he would like to adopt a bear and without hesitation he flashed back the response: "Sure, sure. I would love to - and I hope that more people can follow suit and support this rescue."

What a star in every sense of the word - thank you Xin for using your fame so wisely and generously, and bringing good to the world of our bears.

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