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And by popular request...

Since writing about gorgeous Haribo’s attention-seeking raspberry sounds, we’ve had people asking if it’s possible to hear them. 

I asked Rainbow if he’d come along to Haribo’s den with his video camera, and asked Haribo’s bear team leader Xiao Chen if she'd like to give him a treat of some apples – and this was the result. 

Haribo made these noises almost from the second he arrived from the farm. Who knows if it was something he actually did in that terrible place, and somehow melted the heart of whoever fed him – a bear farm worker perhaps who realised just how much suffering Haribo experienced and tried in his own way to help him, just a little. 

We'll never know, but what we do know today is that out here in Chengdu, a joyous, squat little bear will never suffer again.

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