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Happy, happy earthquake dogs!

Since we rescued over 100 earthquake dogs in Dujiangyan in May and June, a construction team has been busy building the new Animals Asia-funded enclosures at a rescue centre we are co-operating with in

Thanks to generous donations by HSI, Gil Michaels and of course from our own supporters across the globe, we have been able to pledge several thousand US dollars to build these much-needed dog runs and cosy kennels - and now they are ready!

I the meantime, the workforce at Qiming Rescue Centre (including new staff funded by Animals Asia) has also been busy feeding, cleaning, walking and hugging dogs that have been forced to stay in cages until the enclosures were ready.

It has been a tough time for all, including and our own Animals Asia team comprising Christie, Rainbow, Suki, Sailing, Hayley, Jackie and Christine, who have been working their socks off trying to make sure that the caged survivors of the quake are coping as best they can in such a limited space.

We also had two volunteers who were doing their internship here, Liu Jian Xin and Pan Xu Dong; they helped with all the heavy lifting of cages.

And there was also our brilliant new kennel workers, Zhao Ping, Zhu Gui Jan, Wu Kai Xiu and Wu Chun Rong – all women and all wonderful!

As you can see from Hayley's update it seems that they came through with flying colours thanks to the dedication of a solid, hard working team who knuckled down and got the job done.

“It was absolutely wonderful seeing the dogs all able to play together and run around in the sunshine for the first time in months. I loved it. One rough collie particularly touched me because she was just so grateful to be out of her cage. She ran and ran and her long hair was flowing behind her like something from a hair shampoo advert. She just kept running back to me, licking my face and then she would be off again, playing for all she was worth with the other happy dogs.

"Now we still need to wait for the dog's owners to pick up their own pieces and rebuild their homes so that one day, hopefully soon, they will have their beloved four-legged family members safely back in their arms.”

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