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Rubble's miraculous makeover

It just goes to show what a large dose of tender loving care can do for a little earthquake victim in need. Back in May, after being picked up from the devastated streets of Dujiangyan, it was hard to identify Rubble as a dog.

With pieces of cement and construction material clumped in his smelly, matted fur, sores all over his body, starving and thin, he at least gave us hope as he pounced on a piece of sausage, showing he was determined to live.

Proving himself to be every inch the survivor, this picture taken by Vet Nurse Wendy at the weekend speaks for itself.

His proud owner couldn't resist bringing him to the hospital to show him off and Rubble seemed delighted to say hello to his old friends.

The next step in this miracle dog’s progress will be to determine if he makes the grade as one of our canine therapists, as we check him out in a few weeks as a potential Dr Dog. Keeping them crossed that he passes the test – from street dog to Dr Dog, a hero for his species in China.

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