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Getting street smart in Guangzhou

Street cats in Guangzhou (the cat-eating capital of China) have a second chance thanks to an amazing group working there on the ground (helped by much-needed funds from Animals Asia).

Previously, as the population of strays began to grow, residents were complaining about the noise and the smell, and many took the matter into their own hands by killing the cats.

Enter Xixi Cat volunteers who literally scooped these animals off the streets, and took them to local vet, Dr John Wu, for a quick de-sexing surgery, before releasing them back into the community. So far, 28 neutered cats have been put back on the streets and a recent survey now shows a staggering 96% support for the trap, neuter, release programme from the local residents! Please click here to read more about this fabulous work - showing how cats and the community can live in harmony!

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