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Tremor lands on his feet!

There have been some incredible "people" stories coming out of the Chengdu earthquake. People crawling out of flattened buildings, or buried in rubble for days, sometimes over a week, and found still alive.

Here on site in Chengdu three very lucky dogs are celebrating their own success stories. The first one was fortunate enough to find the only animal welfare group helping survivors on a remote mountain in Anxian after he'd walked downhill for hours from devastated villages at the summit.

Finding a makeshift leash and leading him down the mountain to our coach for the journey home we smiled at how readily he joined his new family, as if he'd been with us for years.

One day, when the time is right, we'll do a story to circulate to the media in the region where he was found to see if this dog, who we've now named Tremor, has a family that wants to take him back.

Meanwhile this confident little guy has been living the high life ever since arriving at our bear sanctuary. He "shares" vet nurse Caroline Nelson and I taking turns in sleeping in our rooms.

Caz does a brilliant job feeding (and spoiling) him while I'm away and only complains a little now that I bribe her with cookies and take him off her hands for a few days on my return.

For a little peek at Tremor (and one of our other vet nurses Hayley feeding him on the mountain), here's a lovely story highlighting Animals Asia's rescue of dogs from the earthquake zone. Zootoo.com is based in New Jersey, US, and is now broadcasting this film, which also features our own China Relations Director, Christie Yang, talking about our work.


Enjoy the film, and more soon on another of the world's luckiest dogs - gorgeous Richter.

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