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Earthquake update

At 1am this morning (Monday) on site, we felt the aftershock that centred on the borders of Sichuan and Gansu provinces, and which measured 6.0, but again everyone - people and bears are ok.

We are still talking with the Chinese Red Cross, but messages coming in thick and fast indicate that the rescue services are completely overwhelmed by the number of volunteers and supplies coming in now, and with the enormity of dealing with victims and survivors of the quake. Organisation is a big factor and there is a desperate lack of people on the ground able to direct what is happening and what is predicted to happen over the next few weeks and months.

Although we have volunteered our services again - with specific advice on what we can offer from a medical viewpoint, it looks as though our help can be more usefully offered in a few weeks time when the current people on the ground are fatigued and requiring support. Also, our feedback from the visit to Anxian this week is that we must remain wholly sensitive to the situation regarding people and to balance the animal situation accordingly.

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