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Aftershocks still occurring

Thanks so much for all your messages of concern and support. The death toll is now over 10,000 and still climbing and the city is still in the grip of aftershocks. 

It's just heartbreaking. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Chengdu.

Our PR and Education Manager Rainbow Zhu who is at the sanctuary in Chengdu sent through these photos late last night.

Rainbow took this photo just after the major quake. Staff had been gathered in this room having a communications meeting, when the building shook.

Telephone lines were cut intermittently after the quake. Worried staff gathered outside to try to call relatives and friend, but none could get through.

Tiles were torn from the roof of the staff dorm. Tiles also feel from the roof of the new hospital.

Staff gathered in the car park five minutes after the major earthquake... Rainbow wrote: "Aftershocks now again and again. We put a cup of water in the middle of our living room. Ripples often with the noise of the shaking of the door sometimes. Praying all the time."

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