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Five bears fighting back!

I know many of you will be anxious to know how our five sick bears are getting on, so here’s an update from our Senior vet, Heather. And it’s mostly good news! 

We are waiting to make sure they're all on the road to recovery before we start naming them with the official names chosen by sponsors on the waiting list. Meanwhile, we've given them all nicknames.

Here are Heather's notes:

"Rasta" has recovered well from coughing/diarrhoea, has very sore eyes and awful teeth so was anaesthetised on Tuesday for a dental. We extracted all four of her canine teeth and one molar tooth. All were rotten and she had extensive infection in her jaw bones. She also had ulcers on both of her corneas, which were treated. She is currently on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

"Suki" has recovered well, but is a little constipated this week as she’s developed a fondness for dog-food sachets while she was sick. We’re gradually weaning her back onto bear food. She over-grooms her hair (a learned behaviour due to boredom on the farm) and has extensive hair-loss, but the hair is slowly growing back as she plays with her enrichment [toys] more.

"Sarah" has no more coughing or diarrhoea, and looks really well

"Eeyore" is refusing to eat her vegetables, but eats everything else and is very bright and well and active. She looks good, no coughing or diarrhoea.

"Flipper" has no problems; he has recovered well.

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