Blisters for the bears!

This week, I’ll be joining our lovely Christa, Chee-Meng and Christine at the roadshow in Germany – and of course there will be plenty to update our generous and kind-hearted German supporters with. They, like our other loyal supporters around the world, have stayed with us in faith and support since we began this “journey” eight years ago.

And speaking of loyal supporters, England’s Bob and Laura Croker completed the London Marathon on April 13 and they ran the gruelling race to raise money for AAF. To date, this fabulous couple has raised an amazing £4,393, well surpassing their goal of £3,000!

They said in an email after the race, “We are pleased to say that we completed the course on Sunday with thoughts of the bears on our minds, which certainly provided massive motivation to us. We are absolutely gob-smacked by everyone’s generosity. Humans don’t often surprise us in a good way, but this time we have been astounded at the kindness that everyone has shown…. Between us all, let’s keep spreading the word about the plight of these poor beautiful bears, dogs and cats.”

If you would like to support this wonderful couple’s efforts, their website,, will be operating for another 55 days, so it’s not too late to donate. It’s worth visiting their website just to read all the heart-warming messages of support from all the lovely people who sponsored the run.

Thanks so much Bob and Laura – what an incredible effort!

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