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Thank you! Paws now snug and warm!

Grateful thanks to everyone who rose to the knitting challenge, feverishly creating beautiful mittens for our bears to keep them snug and warm in surgery! It’s no exaggeration to say that we have been inundated with mitts and truly touched by the kindness of you all who heard our plea. We have so many (and lots still coming apparently!) that there may be enough to send to other bear groups working in the field – it’s just wonderful that so many bears in so many countries can now benefit from people thousands of miles away who listened and responded to our cry for help.

In fact, your talents have something in common with one group of long-term resident bears here at the sanctuary. Crystal, Heather and Gail are three females “of a certain age” who often sit closely together in a huddle, clearly gossiping about the good old days. Sadly, their close friend, Joy, is no longer with us.

Affectionately known as “the Knitting Circle”, these ladies know their own minds and take no nonsense from the young delinquents in their enclosure! Here are some photos of Heather and Joy snuggled up in a hanging basket and Heather and Crystal having a chat under a climbing frame.

Big hugs of the fuzzy kind to you kind and generous knitters (and sewers) from all of us here in chilly (still snowing) Chengdu.

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