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Hi everyone. Welcome to this long-awaited blog! In fact the idea for a blog has been on the drawing board for a couple of years but there never seems enough hours in the day to actually sit down and get it started. Clearly there’s only one way to do this and that’s just to dive in – so here goes. 

Why a blog? Well I’ve always felt that the work we’re doing is a team effort and you, our dedicated friends and supporters, are a crucial part of this team. So this long-overdue column is our promise to keep you informed – to share with you some of the joys, challenges and heartbreaks that we on the Animals Asia team experience on a daily basis. By wearing our hearts on our sleeves, and keeping you up to date on a more personal level, I hope these messages convey in a different way to our website and mail-outs just how valuable you are to the animals here in Asia and how much we depend on you for helping them all. 

I know that the whole idea of a blog is that it’s written in “real-time”, but please bear with me if, every now and again, I slip into nostalgic mode to reminisce about important events over the past few years. 

We’ve now rescued 219 bears in China, we’re hoping to start a major rescue of farmed bears in Vietnam very soon, our Friends….or Food? campaign and related projects such as Dr Dog and Professor Paws have grown beyond our wildest dreams (more on these projects over the next few blogs).

So as Animals Asia grows and our projects expand to more cities throughout Asia, there’s just so much more to tell – so many more people involved and so many more animals being helped – and now it’s down to us to keep you informed as much as possible. 

After all, without you, where would we be? It’s your commitment and ongoing support that has kept us going over the years and will continue to inspire us in the future. So please stay with us in spirit – and stay with us online….

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