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Statement: Rescue Delay

29 April 2014

The decision has been taken to reschedule the rescue of 28 moon bears from Nanning Bear Farm, China, following permit delays.

The Animals Asia team was due to arrive at Nanning Bear Farm on May 5 and start a process of health checks and transferring bears to transport cages ahead of a 1,200 km journey to the China Bear Rescue Centre in Chengdu.

However with external delays in processing all the required permits, Animals Asia management has taken the decision to temporarily delay the rescue date rather than risk being forced to reschedule at a later date and incur costs.

Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson said:

“The logistics behind a bear rescue of this size are staggering.  Beyond the physical movement of vehicles, people and bears - which we control - is the issuing of an array of permits - which we don’t. It’s not anticipated that the delay will be a lengthy one and a new date will be announced once permits are issued."