Two-legged stray Si Bao close to adoption

03 March 2014

Si Bao feeding her healthiest puppy

In China, stray two-legged dog, Si Bao, who lost her legs after being run over by a train two years ago, and her pups are now receiving professional veterinary care and potential adoption homes have been found.

Si Bao’s plight came to public attention after the Mail Online revealed her story on the 24 February. Since then, animal welfare groups and the concerned public have worked ceaselessly to locate her and her pups on social media. 

Animal lovers in China, Canada, the US, the UK and Norway were all involved in trying to help the unfortunate family over the weekend.

The disabled mother and her pups are now in the care of committed vets at the Datong Meilian Zhonghe Veterinary Hospital.

Unfortunately, after a long hard life on the streets, two of Si Bao’s pups passed away of distemper over the weekend, while a third is critically ill. The fourth pup is faring better and has started eating. Hopes are high that this strongest pup will survive. Si Bao presently appears to be healthy and well.

Founder and CEO of Animals Asia Jill Robinson MBE has agreed to adopt Si Bao, while a family in Norway is committed to taking the strongest pup. In the event that the sick pup survives, a dog lover in Toronto, Canada is willing to provide a loving home.

Local vet Mr Xue who has been caring for Si Bao and family at the Datong Meilian Zhonghe Veterinary Hospital said:

“Si Bao is a great mother. Though the last two babies are still weak, we are all doing our best to help them survive and live healthy and happy lives. Since arriving at the hospital, Si Bao has welcomed everyone with a friendly wag of her tail, filling us with warmth. We would like to send our sincere thanks to all those who have helped Si Bao and her family over the past few days.”

Si Bao had been living in the Kouguan railway station in Datong city, Shanxi province in the north of the country since being abandoned by her previous owner. She was able to survive by being brought food by concerned railway station workers.

With thanks to those responsible for helping to locate and home Si Bao and her pups:

Sissel Eide Klemmetson of Norway

Rebecca Ashworth Toronto, Canada and The Laika Fund for Street Dogs

Karene West, Tennessee, USA

Mr Zhao and Mr Fan, China

Mr Huang and Tina, China

Lisa Price and Hand in Hand for Asia’s Activists

Panda Paws Rescue, USA

Angus's Fundraising page for DMT dogs and other animals in need