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Rescued Ti Map is smiles better

28 May 2014


Brave Ti Map whose journey through Vietnam captured the hearts of animal lovers across the world – has cleared quarantine and his smile suggests he’s happily settled into his new moon bear bachelor pad.

Following 45 days in quarantine – the den, complete with plunge pool – will be his home until he’s declared physically and mentally ready to start being integrated with other bears.

After 14 years in a small metal cage suffering regular bile extractions, Ti Map is already relishing the larger space he now enjoys.

However, Ti Map’s progress is being handled with particular caution by staff at the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre (VBRC) due to a bad reaction to a routine dose of anaesthetic during his rescue. An anaesthesiologist will arrive at VBRC this week when staff hope to be able to give him a full health check. Until then fears of underlying health issues remain.


If given a clean bill of health then the next step will be careful integration with another bear before his introduction into an enclosure is managed – potentially a daunting step after years of being caged.

In the meantime, Animals Asia staff are continuing to keep this beautiful bear stimulated and happy. Ti Map, whose name means “Chubby Mouse”, receives multiple enrichment sessions a day to keep him occupied. 

Feeding is regulated to encourage Ti Map’s foraging instincts while he also has the opportunity to play with a number of toys throughout the day as well as leafy browse which he can either eat or use to build a nest.

And, with temperatures soaring in Vietnam, Ti Map’s en-suite pool means he can cool down whenever he wants. 


Animals Asia’s Bear and Vet Team Director Vietnam, Annemarie Weegenaar said:

“Ti Map is slowly settling into his life at the centre enjoying the spacious den – which isn't strange considering he has lived in a small metal cage for 14 years. He hasn't got the hang of climbing into his basket yet but the team is trying to encourage him step by step by placing food and enrichment inside, but he is very tall so he does not need to stand on the ladder to reach inside. Hopefully he will understand some day soon that he can climb into the basket and that it makes for quite a comfy bed.”

Bear Team Leader Tran Van Phu added:

“Ti Map is a confident, outgoing bear who is loving his new surroundings. He enjoys every kind of food or enrichment item offered and he’s the most easy going bear staff say they have ever come across.”