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#moonbearmonday: What’s got Ginny Grinning?

24 February 2014

What's got Ginny grinning?

So why, exactly, does Ginny have such a wide grin today?

Is it the stinky tofu treats?

The fruit shakes?

Is it stripping all the tasty leaves off a nice branch?

Maybe it’s playing with all the enrichment items hidden around the sanctuary that has Ginny grinning.

Sofie Meilvang, Bear Manager at our China Bear Rescue Centre knows Ginny better than anyone, and has a fairly good idea of what is likely to raise a smile:

“Ginny is a very social bear and loves playing and wrestling, especially with big boys Aussie and Jasper. When done playing, they often rest together in the dirt holes. Ginny is well-known for not being very lady-like, but loves to roll in the dirt, getting dusty and covered in dried leaves.”

“She’s also a big food lover. She enjoys the bear’s main diet of apple, pumpkin, carrot, tomato, cabbage and dog food, but, of course, also likes all the yummy enrichment fruits and smears, like peanut butter, cream cheese and coconut milk.”

But Ginny can be feisty. Nothing special seems to trigger Ginny’s grumpiness, and the bear team even think she sometimes chases the other bears just for the entertainment.

At the end of the day, Ginny is a real tomboy. During the cold winter, while many bears are hibernating in their baskets, Ginny continues to go outside every day, all year round, always looking for fun.

Happy Moon Bear Monday!

 Ginny at home at our Chengdu sanctuary