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#Moonbearmonday: Roly poly Xuan Xuan

05 May 2014

Xuan Xuan 2

Some bears just have charisma and Xuan Xuan is certainly one of those.

Seen here amusing herself by rolling around with a piece of browse, Xuan Xuan’s magnetic personality has long been attracting photographers, vets, bear managers, visitors, volunteers and celebrities.

Sponsored by Chinese actress Sun Li, Xuan Xuan’s rescue in January 2013 was captured by Hong Kong-based animal welfare photographer and long-term friend of Animals Asia, Peter Yuen.

Now, the Chengdu Bear Rescue Centre’s newest volunteer Emily Reed, has gravitated straight to Xuan Xuan capturing this playful moment.

Emily said:

"It makes it all worth it when you see how happy the bears are – especially considering their past. Xuan Xuan was a perfect example, rolling around with her browse. I just had to stop and take photos."

Captivity may have left her physically scarred as the stress of having her bile extracted caused her to rub her face repeatedly on the bars of her tiny cage, but Xuan Xuan’s recovery has been nothing short of remarkable.

Heidi Quine, Animals Asia’s China Bear Manager, said:

“Xuan Xuan is the sweetest soul around and seems to constantly be doing something that makes everyone stop and sigh, and comment how cute she is. There's something about her that's hard to put in to words.”

Happy #moonbearmonday everyone!

Xuan Xuan 1

Xuan Xuan 3

Xuan Xuan 4

Xuan Xuan 5

Xuan Xuan 6