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Eddie profiles ten years' of our cat and dog work

23 January 2014

To mark the 10th anniversary of Animals Asia’s China Cat and Dog Welfare Programme, the team has put together this animated video narrated by Eddie, one of our “special helpers” from the Dr Dog programme.

The film highlights the work that Animals Asia team has done since 2004 to promote cat and dog welfare. From improving public awareness, to co-operating with the government and empowering local groups.  The China Cat and Dog Welfare Programme has worked hard over the last decade to spread love for animals and raise awareness of the cruel and corrupt cat and dog meat industry.

Irene Feng, Animals Asia China's Cat and Dog Welfare Director said:

“The response that our programmes have received from people over the past ten years has been hugely inspiring and that includes all levels, from the general public right the way through to government.

“In particular the reactions we have witnessed from children have been overwhelming. When you see children being taught how to love and care for cats and dogs as companions, it’s truly encouraging for the future of animal welfare in China”.