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14 February 2014

My dream valentine would love moon bears

Happy Valentine's Day to all our supporters!

We’ve always maintained that a whole lot of love is absolutely vital in making positive change and while we’ll fight for progress “until the cruelty ends” - we need to influence hearts just as much as minds.

One supporter whose heart is mostly certainly in the right place is Richie Kul. Model and actor Richie, who grew up in California to Thai Chinese and American parentage, has long been a committed animal lover. If he’s not being photographed for global campaigns and major fashion editorials for the likes of Swatch, Nivea, GQ, Samsung and Men’s Health then he’s down on the beach walking and playing with his beloved rescue pup Lily. A devoted vegetarian and animal activist, Richie is evangelical about the many virtues and benefits of going cruelty free and living in harmony with our animal friends.

Richie volunteered his services as our Valentine’s Day model and his Animals Asia e-cards (see above and below) have been going down a storm on our Facebook page.

Please click the following links to find out more about the programmes mentioned on the e-cards:

My dream Valentine would be kind to animals : Cat and Dog Welfare

My dream Valentine would be generous : Gifts for Bears

My dream Valentine would love moon bears : Befriend a Bear

Huge thanks to Richie and you can follow him on his Facebook page here or Weibo here.

So can it really be true - is loving animals really the best way to your honey's heart?

Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson has the final word on that:

"I’m not qualified to say exactly what makes a good match or what can spark an attraction but we all love kindness, loyalty and consideration. If you’re displaying that in the way you care about other species - we animal lovers notice those kinds of things.

“And if you demonstrate all of those strengths - it stands to reason you’ll attract a like-minded soul. Massive thanks and  bear hugs to Richie!”

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Richie Kul a kind valentine

Generous Richie