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#Sunbearmonday: Nelson's special place

02 May 2014

Sun bear Nelson

Happy #sunbearmonday!

We love this picture of energetic sun bear Nelson relaxing high in his favourite spot – looking like he hasn’t a care in the world.

Nelson first arrived at the VBRC after a long journey from Gia Lai province in the south of Vietnam’s central highlands.

Scared, stressed and bleeding from his mouth due to two badly infected teeth, Nelson didn’t know then that his life was changing for the better.

Vets were initially shocked by the putrid smell from his infected teeth – rotted to the roots and packed full of food, hair and even wood. His vision too was affected by scarring on both eyes.

Even while recuperating in quarantine, Nelson started to get a reputation as a playful character. Staff remember him creatively using a tyre as a hula hoop – before wearing it like a hand bag.

Once his health was improved it wasn’t long until Nelson was integrated with his peers and his playful nature started making him firm friends – particularly with David.

Bear Manager Sarah Dempsey, who snapped Nelson relaxing above, said:

“Sweet natured Nelson is a very food motivated young sun bear, who needs plenty of fuel for wrestling with best pal David, but when he’s not eating or playing he’s usually hanging out up on his perch getting his beauty sleep.

“For all his energy and strength, he’s a big softy and gets bossed around by quite a few of the female sun bears. But whenever David is too busy looking for food, housemate Dorle always has time for hanging out on the platform with him.”

Happy #sunbearmonday everyone – hope you find your special place.

Sun bear Nelson