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Thank you for your compassionate support of Animals Asia's China Rescue 2013. We’re inspired and excited about this incredible project  — transforming a brutal bear bile farm into a sanctuary — but know that the task ahead is a huge challenge that we cannot complete on our own.

We’re taking the 130 bears and their unborn cubs currently caged on the bile farm in Nanning, Southern China, into our care.

We’re transforming the farm, with its bleak concrete walls, damp floors, cages and metal bars, into a haven of peace for the bears.

We’re building warm dens and outdoor enclosures to give these tortured bears comfort, safety and security for the rest of their days.

We’re putting a professional team on site, and retraining the farm workers to provide first-class care for the bears — enabling them to use their skills humanely in support of animal welfare.

Help us change hearts and minds now - plan your own fundraiser for the bears!

Put your creativity and compassion into action! Below are some ideas to raise money for these deserving bears and help them go from 24-hour imprisonment to a new life of freedom.

Organize a street collection day

Street collections are an excellent way to raise both awareness and funds and we can supply you with all the materials you need to get started. Just be sure to check if you need a collection permit from your local authority first.

Host a sponsored event

There are numerous types of sponsored events that can be organised by individuals or companies including sponsored dog walks, runs, and hikes. Some of our supporters compete in marathons or Tough Mudder events on behalf of Animals Asia!

Hold an event at your place of business

Help raise money and awareness of our campaigns among your colleagues by holding an Animals Asia event at your organisation. Whether a large-scale companywide animal welfare day or a vegetarian barbecue for specific departments, events that champion the welfare of animals will enhance loyalty and retention within your organisation and create a sense of joint purpose for your team.

Hold an event at your school 

Students in schools around the world have helped raise money to support our work. Successful school fundraising events have included bake sales, read-a-thons, swima-thons, car washes, junk sales, poetry and poster competitions and change drives. The possibilities are endless and lots of fun.

Sell your product to benefit Animals Asia

Producing and selling a product with a portion of the proceeds going to Animals Asia provides a great profile-raising opportunity for you and for Animals Asia. The product could be promoted through your existing channels as well as to our supporters.

Download your fundraising materials here!