Adopt a Moon Bear Trash 'n' Treasure

Event Progress

Congratulations to Sally Rodd whose Camberwell Market "Trash 'n' Treasure" stall in April raised a whopping $2,926.  

As Sally reports, "Countdown to the big day was frantic - thankfully lots of help was at hand. Then there were the 5am volunteers for our stall set-up - that's serious dedication! Wasn't long before the "dealers" descended on us, waving torches in the dark, poking and prodding away! Several remembered us: "It's the Moon Bear Stall again!" By about 7.30am the public started to appear and we didn't draw breath till pack-down at 1pm. After telling everyone about Animals Asia, Jigsaw and his bear buddies, many made sure they found goodies to buy, some returning several times throughout the morning! Others just gave us money!  

It goes without saying: A HUGE Thank You to all the Happy Bear Helpers who made the morning fly by, having lots of FUN, sharing information about the bears with the public and encouraging lots of BUYING! And a Big Thank You to all of you who took the time to fossick around in your cupboards to bring us your treasures to sell. It takes lots of items at $2, $3 and $5, along with some "high-end" (over $20!) to reach a total of $3,000. Once again, BEAR HUGS to everyone involved."

Trash 'n' Treasure banner

 Thank you to Sally and all her helpers.  And if you'd like to find out more about Sally's wonderful efforts to help the bears go to:  www.adoptamoonbear.com