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Paw Print Oct 2018

We hope you loved your October edition of The Paw Print! If you didn't receive it, you can view it here.

A Mini Moon Bear With a Mighty Appetite

Mini moon bear Caz may be the smallest bear at the sanctuary. But what she lacks in size, she makes up for in appetite!

But who can blame her after years as a 'bile bear' forced to eat nothing but cold, sloppy, gruel.

And it's not only Caz's round little tummy that needs filling up each day. As the colder months approach and bears prepare for 'winter dormancy', November sees a whopping 5.5 tonnes of fresh fruit and veggies washed, chopped, and prepared for the bears every single week!

Pumpkin, apple, and a coconut or two, will you help fill hungry bears' tummies before the big sleep?



And don’t forget Oliver Day on 12th November. We’re looking for 30 special souls who will carry Oliver in their hearts forever, and join the movement he began for Asia’s forgotten bile bears. Will you be one of them?

Yes, I want to join Oliver's Army now >>