Ethical Elephant Tours

Explore Vietnam’s mighty Yok Don forest in search of majestic elephants who now freely roam the national park.

The Yok Don elephants used to give rides to tourists, but now their welfare comes first. They forage for food, interact with their peers, take sand baths, play, explore and behave just as elephants do in the wild.

Elephant riding and other close-contact activities harm elephants, but every tourist dollar spent on ethical tours is a vote against the old model of exploitation and clear message to travel companies that animal welfare matters.

Let these amazing animals show you how elephants really behave in their own environment and be part of protecting Asia’s endangered elephants.

Email [email protected] or phone +84 (0) 262 3783 049 to book your tour today.

Click here to see a timeline of the progress we’ve made for Elephants in Vietnam.

Olsen Animal Trust Yok Don