Help the Sun Bears Suffering for Selfies!


Animals Asia, in partnership with Scorpion Foundation and Change for Animals Foundation expose the sad story behind the selfies. Sign the petition now!

For unknowing tourists it may be just a fun photo opportunity. But for the wild animals forced to pose for selfies at the True Bali Experience elephant camp in Indonesia, it means a lifetime of torment.

Sun bears Ajib and Marsha spend their days entertaining tourists...

Ajib was likely stolen from the wild as a cub by traffickers. Now twelve years old, this has been her life for more than a decade. Her cub Marsha will sadly also be forced into this cycle of abuse.

To tourists, their enclosure appears green and large, but the bears are often locked in a dark, concrete cell when they are not performing. And there is a third unseen sun bear who is shut away when Ajib and Marsha are 'working'.

Wild animals are not toys. They deserve our respect and kindness.

Join us in calling on True Bali Experience to:

  • End all wild animal selfies and interactions with the public.
  • Build a second enclosure so that Ajib, Marsha and the third unnamed bear have outdoor access at all times, and create suitable indoor dens.
  • Improve welfare by accepting the help of Animals Asia to develop enrichment programmes so the bears can forage, play and act as they would in the wild.

Please act now for sad sun bears, Ajib & Marsha!

Sign the petition now...


With thanks to our friends and partners Scorpion Foundation and Change for Animals Foundation for allowing us to use this footage.