Yulin Update 22.06.15

22 June 2015

Dogs jumbled in cages are on the way to the market, Yulin 2015

The Yulin dog meat festival is going ahead. It is not officially sanctioned by the authorities - so what is taking place is essentially an unofficial gathering of dog meat eaters.

There have been reports of “business booming” but it’s far too early for that to be confirmed or denied. We do know that there has been friction between dog meat traders, activists and media. There has also been reports of dog rescues with dogs being taken to safety.

Animal lovers are also working hard to report illegal behaviour and hygiene issues to the authorities. Information is circulating between groups about how best to do this to get a response. Those armed with “chip scanners” are also trying to locate stolen pets.

The media, including international reporters, are not being made welcome. Traders and associates are attempting to block filming and photography. T-shirts have been spotted with messages calling dog lovers hypocrites and extolling the nutritional value of dog meat.

Some eaters hiding their faces as eating dog meat, Yulin 2015

Animals Asia founder and CEO Jill Robinson said:

“We can’t begin say what effect the huge outcry has had. The interest in this year’s festival has far outweighed anything we have seen in the past both in China and internationally. We’ve seen this gathering disowned by the local authorities. Last year the number of dogs slaughtered dropped from 10,000 to 2,000. It’s reasonable to presume that those still defending the rights of dog meat eaters are an entrenched group wishing to defend a dying industry.

“Speaking more widely - we believe that dog meat eating can’t last. It’s an industry built on criminality, social disharmony, threats to both human and animal health and has no concern for either customer or cruelty. It cannot withstand the growing spotlight that is being shone on it. The vast majority of dogs are stolen, often poisoned, are transported inhumanely and slaughtered under grossly unhygienic conditions. Those eating these dogs risk all manner of illness.”

Animals Asia’s Cat and Dog Welfare work in China

Animals Asia conduct investigations into live animal markets, dog slaughterhouses and restaurants across China to catalogue abuse and inform the government and public of the cruelty, illegality and human health concerns surrounding the industry.

Animals Asia’s field officers regularly visit and document the horrific facilities that drive the cruel, and often illegal, trade in cats and dogs for their meat.

Animals Asia gathers key information and evidence about the markets, slaughterhouses and restaurants to help us highlight our concerns to the relevant authorities and encourage their support for change.

We use this information to bring the cruelty of the meat trade to the attention of the public through community awareness campaigns, photo displays and banners, and media interviews.