VIDEO: Watch Kay “the most beautiful bear in the world” beat her demons

30 September 2016

She was balding and nearly blind when she rescued from a bile farm — now see brave moon bear Kay finally step outside.

When rescued from a bear bile farm in September last year, Kay was a shocking sight. Years of abuse had left her with severe alopecia and in chronic pain from a number of eye issues that meant she could hardly see. Her skin was thickened and rough, while arthritis meant pain and stiff joints.

Today, Kay continues to bear the scars of her suffering, but her life has been completely transformed and her spirit and bravery has prompted Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson to call her “the most beautiful bear in the world”.

Kay enjoys the great outdoors at VBRC 3Kay enjoys the great outdoors at VBRC 1

Her skin condition has been vastly improved, while visiting British ophthalmologist Claudia Hartley was able to successfully operate on Kay’s eyes. The changes she has undergone aren’t just cosmetic. Now, for the first time in years she is living without pain and chronic irritation. And, while she readied herself to step out into the open after a lifetime in a dark cage — she has also overcome her own mental demons.

Kay in operation

Now, for possibly the first time in her life, Kay is free to forage, climb and play to her heart’s content at Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre.

In her previous life, Kay was caged between other bile farm bears. She knew bears like herself were near but couldn’t touch or play with them. Now she has two friends, Autumn and Gloria to cuddle, play and explore the world with.

Kay and Autumn out_5

Animals Asia Bear Manager Kelly Donithan said:

“Kay is adored by humans and bears alike, with Autumn and Gloria both vying to be her best friend. She's rarely alone, with either Autumn or Gloria snuggling in a basket with her or at her side out in the grass.

“For her part, Kay seems blissfully unaware of her magnetism, which simply makes her all the more endearing. After the surgery, her eyes are clear and bright — just in time for her to begin exploring the outside world.”

Kay enjoys the great outdoors at VBRC 5

Animals Asia Founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE said:

“When we first arrived at the bile farm it seemed that this older bear was calming the bears around her through the bars. It’s hard to imagine that she knew their rescuers were coming but she seemed to be a leader among this desperate community of abused bears. She willingly stepped into a rescue cage and a whole new life started for her from there.

“Kay has been through so much and the effects of what she has suffered show clearly on her body to this day. She’ll never look as fit and healthy as other bears, but to us she is the most beautiful bear in the world. To have gone through everything she has and come out with such a gentle soul is truly remarkable and a testament to why we do what we do.”

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