Three years since we brought them Home for the Holidays

04 December 2019

It has been three years since we brought Winter, Bi Xanh, Poe, Snow, Cranberry and Ivy home for the holidays. Since their rescue they have all put on a healthy amount of weight and their fur now looks absolutely luscious.

Saved from the stressful conditions they experienced on the bile farm, generous supporters from around the world made Christmas 2016 a special one for these bears. It was the first Christmas at their new home, the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre. This rescue was the greatest gift they could possibly have received. Now these six bears are loved, looked after and, more than anything, cherished.

We’ve grown to love these six bears and gotten to know them individually, beyond how they look or what ailments might bring them to the bear hospital. We’ve come to know these bears as characters, as individual as anyone, now freed from the confines of a cage and able to express their desires, natural behaviours and unique personalities. Let us introduce you.

Winter is a really sassy bear, who knows what she wants! She is playful, stubborn and often sleepy. Winter is so fussy that she has a special preparation for her medications created just for her: a big ball of peanut butter smothered in jam.

Bi Xanh is everyone's friend. He is a bear who loves to play, but also likes a rest in the den. When Bi Xanh is in the den and anyone approaches, he is always waiting with his head resting on his paw.

Poe (short for Peace On Earth) is another playful bear who is a bit of a hit with the ladies, especially Su Su. The two like to share a basket together.

V172 Poe and V170 Winter

Snow doesn't let not having a tongue slow him down, when it comes time to weigh him we tempt him onto the scales with honey water from a syringe and he loves drinking it all up.

Snow 2

Cranberry is a bear who likes to make big nests and sleep. Although she can be playful, she prefers Bi Xanh's company for play.

V174 Cranberry (2) (1)

Ivy is one of those bears who floats under the radar, until night time when she meanders into her den, often late. Nothing much phases her.


We’re so happy to have these six wonderful bears with us this, and every, holiday season. They are our festive reminders of the power of kindness, bravery, playfulness, hope, peace and friendship.