This poor dog was beaten, broken and blind – but now he knows what love is

06 June 2017

When found on the streets, defenceless dog Heipi had been abused so badly rescuers weren’t sure he would survive – but they refused give up on him.

When Chinese animal advocates found poor Heipi, they knew immediately he needed their help.

A broken chain was tied round his neck – suggesting he had somehow escaped an abusive owner – but it wasn’t certain he would survive much longer.

He was crippled through a broken leg, blind in one eye and covered in a painful skin disease. Alone on the streets, he wouldn’t have made it.

But China’s dog lovers didn’t give up on him. He was taken to the Nanchang Small Animal Protection Association, which is part-funded and advised by Animals Asia.

Here vets and volunteers set about saving his life.

Heipi’s broken leg was operated on and received daily massages from dedicated volunteers to help the muscles recover and ensure Heipi would walk again.

After months of loving care, Heipi’s skin disease healed up and his silky black coat returned.

Most importantly, he was learning to trust again, and believe that not all humans would hurt him.

Three months after his rescue, Heipi received his greatest gift. He was adopted by a loving family and now has the “parent” he has always needed – someone who loves him as a son and treats him with the respect he deserves.

Animals Asia’s Cat and Dog Welfare Director Irene Feng said:

“We’re so happy for Heipi – what he has suffered no animal should ever have to endure. We can never understand the motivation of those who perpetrate cruelty to innocent, loving animals like Heipi – but we take heart from knowing many more people stepped up to help him than caused his suffering.”

Animals Asia has funded and supported the Nanchang Small Animal Protection Association (NSAPA) since 2015. The Hong Kong-based charity’s assistance has allowed the group to restore their shelter and provide medicine, dog food and bedding that has benefited over 700 animals – many of whom have been adopted into loving families just like Heipi.

Irene said:

“Local Chinese animal shelters are improving and becoming more numerous all the time, but they need our help. Animals Asia can’t be everywhere, but we can spread the means, skills and expertise far and wide to help an exponentially larger number of animals.”

NSAPA also attended Animals Asia’s 6th China Companion Animal Symposium in April 2017. They were one of the over 100 local groups to attend the capacity growing event that provides Chinese NGOs with the knowledge and expertise they need to help thousands of animals across China.

Animals Asia Founder and CEO Jill Robinson MBE said:

“We’re immensely proud of what Nanchang have been able to achieve. They lack resources but have vast reserves of love and dedication which they pour selflessly into caring for dogs and cats who literally have no one. It’s been a pleasure to help them grow and save animals like Heipi from such extreme cruelty.”