These photos will make you pledge never to watch another animal performance

03 November 2016


Photographer Britta Jaschinski’s sad poignant images have won another award and continue to convince people all over the world to reject animal performance.

An orang-utan steps from its cage into the limelight. Dressed in a sequined suit the animal spreads his arms like a cabaret singer. His misery is obvious.

This is Britta’s latest award-winning photograph lifting the lid on the inherent cruelty behind every animal performance.

Stripped of dignity and freedom, this Bornean orang-utan – an endangered species – is yet another broken animal forced to perform for cash.

Titled No Voice No Choice after an Animals Asia campaign against animal performance, Britta’s image has been named a Finalist in the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photojournalist Award. Amazingly this is the fourth time a shot from her series on animal abuse has scooped a prize.

The Performance

Britta Jaschinski said:

“Wild animals are complex, enigmatic and mysterious. Animal performance takes all that away and strips wild animals of their right to follow their natural behaviours.

“I believe we should fight against any display of animals which simplifies or reduces them. Through my photography I hope to give some dignity back to these noble creatures and show just how wrong it is to force them to perform.”

The incredible series of photographs strips the false glitz from animal performance, revealing the cruelly broken animals the industry leaves behind.

Broken Bear, Seven Star Park, Guilin, China

Animals Asia Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale said:

“The success of Britta’s images is much deserved and their enduring popularity is very important. These shots were taken in China, but animal performance is a global problem. I am often told: ‘why should we ban animal performance when it is legal in your country?’”

“Countries like the UK cannot claim the moral high ground on wild animal performances – very few countries can.”

Wild animal performances remain legal in the UK despite a government survey suggesting 94% of the public are outraged by the industry’s inherent cruelty.

Performance by wild animals in circuses also remains legal in the US, Italy, Australia and Germany. Only 20 countries have so far banned the practice outright. Five countries have a full ban on all performances, while 15 have banned performances by wild animals.

Broken Bear, Seven Star Park, Guilin, China

Animals Asia Founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE said:

“I don’t think it’s possible to view Britta’s images and still believe that animal performance is not cruel. It has no place in modern society. These incredible pictures have already done so much to change people’s perception of this industry and the fact that they continue receiving awards is testament to their power. “

Join Animals Asia’s No Voice No Choice campaign and pledge never to watch animal performance. The suffering will only end when the last person stops watching.

To see more of Britta Jaschinski’s incredible photography, visit her blog.