The Vietnam “cub pack” comes of age

17 December 2014

Joey (l) Bela (r) 2,  house 8, Dec 2014

We've watched them grow from cubs to juveniles and now – all too soon – the "cub pack" have come of age and moved in with a group of older bears.

Earlier this year Ricky, Joey, Hector, Dung, Rain and Nora JamJack were the "Moon Bear Cub Pack" – six beautiful bears who had arrived at Animals Asia's Vietnam sanctuary as cubs or very young juveniles.

As soon as they were old enough, the six moved in together and gave their carers endless delightful days in their private enclosure.

Bears playing with each other at VBRC 7,  house 8, Dec 2014

Animals Asia founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE said:

"Bear cubs are always cute and these six were just that. They all got along wonderfully and were a real joy for their carers. To see them playing together so happy and healthy is all the more heart-warming when you consider they could have ended up in the bear bile industry."

Bears playing with each other at VBRC 9,  house 8, Dec 2014

Moon bears are considered cubs for their first year. They are classed as juveniles from one to five years old when they become adults.

Now that they are all juveniles, the six moon bears have been integrated with a large group of 15 bears.

Prior to integration, the two groups rotated access to the enclosure ensuring that each bear became comfortable with the new environment.

Tieu Long (l) Jenoe (r) 5, house 8, Dec 2014

Annemarie Weegenaar said:

"The integration was very smooth, probably because all the bears were very used to the new enclosure before experiencing it together.

"The bears have been getting along really well – especially Ricky and Joey who have had a lot of playful interactions with the bears from the larger group.

"Some of the younger ones from the group of six might need a bit more time to get used to the boisterous and at times overexcited play, but there is a lot of space in the enclosure so they can always find a quiet area to get away from it all. So far the signs are very positive."

Tieu Long (l) Jenoe (r) 2,  house 8, Dec 2014