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TAKE ACTION: Indonesian animals are in desperate need – but YOUR click can help

10 July 2017

Thousands of animals in Indonesian zoos are suffering unsuitable conditions or are forced to perform for tourists – your vote can mean this cruelty is kept in the spotlight.

Animals Asia’s Indonesian partner Scorpion Foundation has helped make Indonesia’s lack of animal welfare a global issue.

Scorpion’s investigations into facilities around the country made headlines when they revealed the poor condition of a group of sun bears in Bandung Zoo.

By highlighting the issue, Scorpion ensured action was taken. Indonesia’s Minister of Environment and Forestry personally responded and the zoo has subsequently engaged the help of international organisations to improve the welfare and conditions for the sun bears .

They also lobbied the Indonesian State Broadcasting Commission to ban any programmes which promote the exploitation of wildlife. Since then, the commission has vowed to review past shows to see if any regulations have been broken and take action on any violations.

A grant from the Australian Ethical Investments will help safeguard this vital work and help them to continue monitoring conditions at Indonesia’s 58 zoos and safari parks where around 60,000 animals are held.

You can help by voting for Scorpion’s funding proposal here. Please do, it only takes a few minutes, but this project will change lives forever.

And these were not Scorpion’s only successes in the last year. Their investigations also led to Michael the orang-utan no longer being made to pose for selfies with tourists and helped reveal the scale of animal cruelty behind the widespread practise of elephant ride tourism.

Animals Asia’s Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale said:

“Scorpion’s work to expose animal welfare abuses in Indonesia is an absolutely vital part of pushing for change. It is a change which thousands of animals languishing in sub-standard facilities up and down the country desperately need.

“Scorpion have already shown how effective their work can be – but they desperately must be allowed to continue or these issues will simply disappear once no-one is watching. Please vote today – it only takes two minutes – and help us secure the funding Scorpion need to continue their vital work.”

If Scorpion secure the grant they will:

-       Work with authorities, zoo management and local NGO's to monitor the treatment and condition of the animals

-       Lobby for the development of national zoo legislation incorporating minimum animal welfare standards

-       Train volunteers to best carry out visual welfare assessments

-       Investigate captive animal facilities around the country

Animals Asia Founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE said:

“The situation for animals in Indonesian zoos remains dire, with thousands of animals suffering under appalling conditions and spending their days chained or caged – and that is when they aren't being forced to perform unnatural and humiliating acts. 

“These investigations can help end practices that cause animals to suffer, including elephant rides, circus acts and exploiting wild animals for photo opportunities. We can’t in good conscience turn a blind eye to cruelty – especially when it is within our power to facilitate change.” 

Vote now to help Scorpion’s vital work to save Indonesian animals from cruelty today.