Supporters make Moon Bear Day 2022 the best yet!

08 August 2022

Last week we met a few of the ordinary people who are doing an extraordinary thing: putting their kindness in action for moon bears! Today we’re travelling to Asia, Australia and the UK to bring you more inspiring stories of how our supporters are using their compassion, tenacity and creativity to end bear bile farming in Vietnam.

“I want to make the world a better place” - Josephine Liu, China

Student Josephine felt compelled to act when she learned of the “living conditions of moon bears on bile farms” and wanted to not only raise awareness of bile farming, but “help protect the future of moon bears.”

Josephine, who’s studying Marketing and Advertising, came up with the idea of an ice-cream pop-up stall to attract as many people as possible to one place so she could tell them what she’d learned.

“On the day of the event I gave a speech to tell people about Animals Asia and to ask them not to buy products that contain bear bile.”

Meanwhile, over in Hong Kong, Animals Asia’s support group had a similar idea, and set up a market stall to sell goods to passersby, while raising awareness of bear bile farming and Animals Asia’s campaign to end the practice. 

If you live in Hong Kong and want to help the moon bears, why not set up your own fundraiser or contact us today for a chat about how you can get involved!

A pink caravan and vintage clothes! - Elizabeth Edmunds, Australia

Elizabeth Edmunds wanted to combine her love of all things vintage with her passion for animal welfare to raise funds for Animals Asia’s new sanctuary. And what better way to do that than by setting up her pink caravan in her front lawn and selling vintage clothes!

Inspired by Elizabeth’s idea? Why not set up your own fundraiser in the UKHong KongAustralia or the USA or contact us today for a chat about how you can get involved!

“I hope this makes a difference to the moon bears” - Herbie Rollinson, England

Herbie Rollinson is just 14 years old. But on hearing about bear bile farming and Animals Asia’s mission to build the remaining bile bears in Vietnam a new sanctuary, he felt compelled to get on his bike and cycle from his home to Lands End, over 150km!

“I’m doing this for the bears,” Herbie told us, “because they are trapped in tiny cages and being jabbed with needles for their stomach acid. We must stop it!”

And he did it! In four days, the intrepid and courageous Herbie tackled the challenging hills of Cornwall, battled “horizontal rain and strong winds” and finished with a well-deserved ice-cream!

A tired but happy Herbie told us, "The ride was challenging. We got really wet and the hills were constant. I am pleased we did it and hope the money we raised makes a difference for the Moon Bears".

Think you can match Herbie’s amazing achievement? Start your own fundraiser in the UKHong KongAustralia or the USA or contact us today for a chat about how else you could help the bears!

“It’s my life’s mission to help the bile bears” - Vijay Kritzinger, England

Some of our supporters wanted an extra challenge when considering how they could raise funds for Animals Asia’s new sanctuary. Like Vijay Kritzinger! 

“I’m not a runner, Vijay told us, “so running over 100km in 20 days has been a bit of a physical challenge!”

Vijay has been an active and passionate supporter of Animals Asia since visiting our Vietnam bear sanctuary where she “witnessed the amazing standard of care, kindness and love all the bears receive” and how “every single team member lives and breathes kindness in action.”

Sponsor Vijay’s epic challenge or run your own fundraiser in the UKHong KongAustralia or the USA or contact us today to see how you can turn your passion into action for the bears!

“The bears need our help” - Kirsty Jane, Scotland

“I've entered the Great Scottish Run half marathon to raise funds to save moon bears from the awful and abhorrent torture they are subjected to.” KIrsty Jane told us. 

Like Vijay, Kirsty is pushing herself out of her comfort zone to inspire others to donate; “I’ve never run a half marathon before, so this will be a big challenge!”

Lang may yer lum reek, Kirsty! 

Sponsor Kirsty or set up your own fundraiser in the UKHong KongAustralia or the USA or contact us today for a chat about your own ideas!

“I aim to raise £5,000 for the bears!” - Anouk Brindle, England

When 12-year old schoolgirl Anouk Brindle from Somerset, England was thinking about what she wanted to do during her summer holidays, she didn’t have to think very hard about it…

“I’m going to swim 100km for the bears!” she told us.

The young animal-lover cares “passionately about the welfare of animals all over the world” and wanted to do whatever she could to raise funds for our new sanctuary. 

As she explains on her fundraising page, “Animals Asia’s current bear sanctuary is full so they need to build a new home for the bears who are still trapped on bile farms. Once the last bear is saved, this trade will be history in Vietnam. We need to save these bears!”

Sponsor Anouk in her amazing challenge, or set up your own challenge in the UKHong KongAustralia or the USA or contact us today to see how else you can help build our new sanctuary!

You have saved so many lives…

Every step that’s run, every mile cycled, and every sweet treat that’s sold by our supporters goes towards building a new home for bears who are still languishing on bile farms across Vietnam.

The compassion and tenacity of our supporters enabled us to recently rescue seven bears from a life of misery on a bile farm, and save three sibling cubs who would otherwise have been lost to the illegal wildlife trade forever. 

You rescued them! You brought them home where they are now living in the sun with their friends and an endless supply of delicious food, enrichment and love from our staff and supporters. 

Join us today from the UK, EuropeAustraliaHong Kong, the USA or elsewhere, and together, we will end bear bile farming in Vietnam! 

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