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Repairs safeguard sanctuary river bank

01 August 2013

Temporary repairs to the riverbank at Animals Asia’s Chengdu sanctuary have been put in place with the aim of securing the site throughout the rest of the current rainy season. 

The move follows a recent sustained period of extreme weather that severely damaged the riverbank and came within centimetres of flooding the whole site. With the region suffering the worst flooding in 50 years there has been a huge effort locally to rebuild homes and public buildings. 

With local resources stretched and the weather continuing to make conditions difficult for builders, this temporary combination of extensive sandbagging and plastic sheeting is considered the best defence available. 

Later this year, once the rainy season passes, the damage will be permanently repaired with more substantial flood defences put in place. The work has been made possible thanks to generous donations from Animals Asia supporters. 

Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson said: 

“This may be a temporary measure but the work has been extensive and the response near immediate. Emergency repairs will protect the river wall from further deterioration. By safeguarding the site we’re also providing the safest conditions for staff and animals to continue living on site. 

“Both these urgent repairs and the future plans for rebuilding and strengthening the river bank wall are possible thanks to the generosity of supporters. As you might imagine, everytime it rains it’s hard not be reminded of that and how supporters’ help has made the difference between potential disaster and being able to continue to care for our rescued animals.” 

In the weeks since the flood the sanctuary has been able to revert to normal procedures with the evacuated brown bears back in their enclosures and the moon bears who spent a week in dens once more enjoying playing outside.