Refurbished cat and dog shelters make a world of difference to the lives of strays in China

27 December 2019

cat room after (3)

In 2019 Animals Asia offered financial and technical support to around 50 NGOs and government shelters in 38 cities, which has benefited over 14,000 of our animal friends. This support has included food, vaccinations, shelter refurbishment and much much more.

Financial support provided by Animals Asia has helped seven NGOs in Guangxi area and one in Hebei province refurbish and refit their shelters, vastly improving the welfare and environment for the animals in their care. These shelters are: 

  • Cat and Dog Welfare House in Wuzhou 

  • Bao Bei You Jia Stray Animal Station in Guilin

  • Yi Shan Tong Xing Animal Care Centre in Nanning

  • Chong Ai You Jia Stray Animal Station in Nanning

  • You Ai You Jia in Hechi

  • Stray Cats Rescue in Nanning

  • Zhen Ai You Jia in Yulin

  • Small Animal Protection Association in Handan (Hebei)

cat room after (5)

We have helped to improve these facilities with:

  • Shelter refurbishment, including lighting, flooring etc.

  • Shower and bath facilities for the resident dogs/cats.

  • Cages and fences.

  • Mats and cushions.

  • Enrichment (toys, cat trees etc.)

  • Ventilation and air conditioning

We’ve had incredibly positive feedback from the projects we’ve supported.

A volunteer from the Stray Cats Rescue shelter in Nanning said:

“The construction lasted for more than a month, and now it’s finally done! Thanks to those who have been supporting us, and of course, our volunteers too, as they have taken on most of the refurbishment job! Thank you Animals Asia for the funding. Now we have a more secure door, windows, and electrical system, we can even monitor the cats whenever we need to, that’s a whole new level of security!”

A volunteer from the Cat and Dog Welfare House in Wuzhou said:

“Thanks to Animals Asia, we could finally realize the refurbishment that we have planned for so many years. Our old shelter was located in a shop that’s just by a main road, there was little space for the animals, and dogs were living in cages. Now that we’ve moved to a new building in a suburban area, we could finally improve the space! To save on costs, volunteers donated materials, and helped with the move in their spare time. Now the dogs are no longer constrained to small cages, cats can play wherever they want in their room. We have air conditioning and ventilation to cope with scorching summer and chilly winter, animals are living in a much better environment now!”

A miniature pinscher who had been sheltered in the old shelter in Wuzhou had serious skin problems due to the humid environment. No matter how often she was treated with a specially medicated bath, the problem just kept returning. After moving into the new facility the pinscher’s skin dramatically improved and she has since been rehomed! 

Thousands of cats and dogs are now being protected from a harsh life on the streets, they’re beautifully cared for while volunteers try to find them forever homes. All this is thanks to the generosity of Animals Asia supporters from all around the world!