Protected species rescued as Indonesian hotel is struck by second wildlife raid

12 February 2019

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Three birds of prey and a crocodile rescued by Animals Asia’s partner — the second time this hotel has been caught illegally harbouring wildlife.

On January 24, Scorpion Foundation and the Indonesian Wildlife Authority jointly raided a hotel in Medan, North Sumatra and rescued four protected animals.

A Brahminy kite, a changeable hawk-eagle, and a black eagle were all rescued and transferred to a rescue centre and are expected to be released back into the wild.

A crocodile was also rescued although due to high instances of human-crocodile conflict in the region it is unclear whether the individual can be released back to the wild. The crocodile is currently in the care of a private company under the supervision of the Wildlife Authority in North Sumatra and Scorpion Foundation will continue to monitor the situation

The raid marks the second time the hotel has been caught engaging in wildlife crime, with three eagles rescued in 2017 and released to the wild. However, to date, no legal action has been taken against the owners.

Brahminy kite

Animals Asia Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale said:

“Thanks to constant monitoring of the hotel by Scorpion, another four protected animals have been spared a life of cruel captivity. It’s vital and time-consuming work to monitor facilities suspected of wildlife crimes and when the authorities lack the capacity, groups like Scorpion are needed to step in.”

Since Scorpion Foundation was set up in 2015, the group has worked with the Indonesian Wildlife Authority to rescue over 50 protected animals including orangutans, gibbons, and a variety of birds.

Changeable hawk eagle

Scorpion Foundation Executive Director, Gunung Gea said:

“Once again the Wildlife Authority has shown itself willing to act when informed about wildlife crimes, but there must be legal repercussions to stop offenders from continuing to poach protected species. Indonesia has clear laws against poaching, but the laws are not being enforced. ”

Black eagle

Animals Asia and Change for Animals Foundation have supported Scorpion Foundation since 2015, enabling them to protect wildlife and prevent cruelty to animals in Indonesia.

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