PICS: Animals Asia cares for nearly 400 bears - and two pomegranate-loving macaques

05 September 2016

The macaques love pomegranates

Macaques John and Xiao Xiong Xiong are undergoing a change of diet to keep them fit and healthy and these pomegranates are proving a big hit.

Animals Asia is well known for the 400 bears it cares for - these gorgeous monkeys at its China sanctuary are less high profile.

John arrived first after being confiscated by authorities locally. Animals Asia later welcomed Maddie to keep him company. When she died and there was the chance to rescue lonesome Xiao Xiong Xiong her carers were happy to introduce them.

Now they have a friendship that’s likely to last well into the future.

The macaques love pomegranatesThe macaques love to pomegranates

Vounteer Bear Manager Ed Ayton has been working with the pair after it was feared they were enjoying a little too much of the good life and their waistlines were paying the price. A new diet has been introduced - including more greenery as well as specially formulated “monkey biscuits”.

Best of all for this beautiful pair are these pomegranates. Like the bears, the macaques are able to enjoy seasonal, locally available fruit and it’s pomegranate season.

How to eat a pomegranate monkey-style? Rip it open and dive in face first.

Enjoy it guys.

The macaques love pomegranatesThe macaques love to pomegranates