Petition: SIGN our open letter to China to END the dog and cat meat trade

01 June 2017

Volunteers and therapy dogs at Mental Health Week

We need YOU to stand with Chinese animal lovers and remind the outlaws the world is watching – it’s time the dog and cat meat trades ended permanently.

Today Animals Asia asks you to stand shoulder to shoulder with the millions of Chinese people fighting to end the cruel consumption of cats and dogs.

Our open letter tells China’s animal lovers, “You are not alone. In your work to end the dog and cat meat trade we stand with you and we will assist you in any way we can.”

And includes a message to the Chinese government:

“Please, look again at the cruel and criminal way the dog and cat meat industry behaves. Look at its violent and criminal methods. Look at the social disorder it provokes. Look at the grief it brings to your citizens who have beloved companions snatched. Look at how global levels of outrage grow each year, and consider the notion that the way a nation treats its animals impacts profoundly on its global reputation.”

Read the full letter and sign the petition here

As rumours circulate that Yulin city may be about to implement a week-long ban on dog meat, this is a reminder that without a complete ban – those trading in cruelty will always be able to find loopholes.

Yulin day 2

Meanwhile for China, ending the cat and dog meat trade will solve so many more problems than it creates.

Families would no longer fear companions being snatched, consumers would be safer, rabies could be eradicated, violent clashes between dog owners and thieves would end and the country’s international image would improve immeasurably.

Dr Duobao and her sister Xixi

For the last two years we’ve run Yulin campaigns, but now our focus must be wider and so must the spotlight. Media reports on Yulin happen for just a few weeks. During the rest of the year an estimated 10 million dogs are slaughtered for their meat across China.

And this month, we will be sharing the hard work which goes on every single day of the year by dedicated animal lovers and Animals Asia staff to end the cat and dog meat industry forever.

“No to cat and dog meat” posters

The work of these dedicated individuals inspires us – we believe it can also prove to be the inspiration to end this cruelty once and for all. Working hand in hand is the way forward.

Sign the letter and let those fighting the cruel and often illegal trade in China know you stand with them – until the cruelty ends.

Thank you.