Our heart goes out to Australia

10 January 2020

Like millions around the world, all of us at Animals Asia have been shocked and horrified by the devastating scenes of Australia’s bushfire crisis. Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected by these unprecedented and destructive infernos.

The loss of life in human terms is an absolute tragedy, and in wildlife terms is almost unfathomable.

But in the midst of tragedy we have seen the extraordinarily brave actions of the firefighters and volunteers, risking life and limb day after day to battle these monstrous blazes.

We have seen communities coming together to save and protect not only human lives but also the companion animals and wildlife under threat.

And we have seen the indomitable Australian spirit come to the fore in countless acts of kindness that remind us of the fundamental good that lies at the core of our humanity.

Right now, Animals Asia’s Veterinary Surgeons and Vet Nurses are liaising with wildlife rescue organisations on the ground in Australia to see how and when we are able to help, and when we are needed we will provide whatever support we can to help deal with the overwhelming wildlife crisis that is emerging in the wake of these mammoth fires.

For now we stand strong with the people of Australia, who have always been there to support us. We will continue to use our skills to save animals in our Bear Rescue Centres in Vietnam and China, and through our programmes across Asia, with an outreached hand of help ready to be taken.

Again, our thoughts are with those who have been most directly and profoundly affected by this environmental disaster, and our hope is that together we can avoid further suffering by taking urgent and decisive action to better care for our planet and all the species on it.