May is Vet Nurse Awareness Month!

08 May 2020

Joanne HC

May is Vet Nurse Awareness Month and the Animals Asia Vet teams at the China Bear Rescue Centre (CBRC) and the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre (VBRC) would like to thank all of our volunteer vet nurses who have dedicated their time, skills and passion to help us over the years!

(L) Isabella Evans

Vet nurses don’t just treat cats and dogs, we love all animals and a special group dedicate themselves to helping wildlife. At CBRC and VBRC our incredible volunteers have helped us perform hundreds of health checks on rescued Asiatic black bears (known as moon bears), Tibetan brown bears and Malayan sun bears, assisting with husbandry, making up thousands of doses of life-saving medications and showing their amazing skills with small animal treatment and welfare in Asia.

Quinton Sutton

Our bears are rescued from the cruel bile trade industry and need lots of love and TLC and because of dedicated, compassionate vet nurses showing their kindness in action these beautiful creatures are living better lives.

Emily Hargreaves

We couldn’t do this without you! Thank you to every single nurse who has volunteered or helped at home to raise awareness for wildlife!

Vet Nurse Kat Donald at Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre