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Local staff key to Animals Asia’s future in China

27 June 2014

Staff attend to a health check

As evidence of Animals Asia's commitment to the people dedicated to ending bear bile farming, there are now 28 Chinese staff members who have been with us for 10 years or more.

Increasingly these dedicated members are filling more senior positions.

The changes in the lives of our staff that working for Animals Asia has helped bring about, mirrors wider changes in China. The local animal welfare movement is growing and enjoying increasing success. Our incredible animal ambassadors Wen Yan, Shi Xue Liang and Ai explain:

Wen Yan - Veterinary Support Manager

“Working for Animals Asia makes me feel special about myself. I feel like I am speaking for animals who cannot actually speak for themselves by translating our vet team's input.”

Wen Yan has worked for us for 8 years having worked her way up from a translator to Veterinary Support Manager. Since last year she has been studying an online course that will see her become a Veterinary Nurse Assistant and has been assisting vets and vet nurses with surgeries and treatments.


Shi Xue Liang - Assistant Bear Manager

ShiXueLiang1border“I didn't know anything about animal welfare before I worked here. But over the years I have learnt a lot. For example, the two dogs I adopted, they get walked three times a day, get food and clean water all the time, get health checked on a regular basis and are well groomed as well. More and more people in China are keeping pets and they are starting to treat them more like one of the family than just a pet. More and more people are getting involved in anti-animal abuse movements and I myself am against wearing fur and leather products. 

“Personally I’ve grown a lot here and I love that people and animals live in harmony at the CBRC.” 

Shi Xue Liang joined the bear team 11 years ago as a young fresh faced 17 year old – one of the youngest bear workers we have ever had. His capabilities were soon clear and he rose through the team's ranks to become Assistant Bear Manager.


Ai Chao Jun - Assistant Bear Manager

Ai1border1“Working for Animals Asia started as just a job for me to make a living. But eight years later, I’m so proud to be a member of this organisation. My challenge is to try my best to promote the concept of animal welfare, while supporting our work at Chengdu and now in Nanning.” 

Ai joined CBRC 11 years ago as Bear Horticulture Worker. Now an Assistant Bear Manager, his horticultural knowledge has been key for managing our bear horticultural team in enclosure maintenance and making enrichment items and Ai has been a key player in multiple rescues.

Ai builds a climbing frame for Smudge