Lobbying and trust-building sees Chinese city set up humane dog ownership legislation

10 May 2019

happy Jinchang dog lovers and their dogs1

In face of rising human-canine conflict, this Chinese city has taken recommendations on board to formulate a humane social contract.

The city of Jinchang, in China’s northwestern Gansu province, is much like many others. Dog meat eating isn’t popular here. In contrast, the trend for inviting much-loved companion animals into homes and families is skyrocketing.

But with this increase, human-canine conflict has also increased. Some guardians aren’t responsible which has led to increased instances of dog-on-human incidents as well as increased abandonment and the prevalence of canine-born disease.

Where Jinchang has set itself apart from its peers, however, is their new regulations on dog ownership – a document in which the recommendations of Animals Asia’s Cat and Dog Welfare team is prominent.

AnimalsAsia join local government meeting1

Animals Asia Asia Cat and Dog Welfare Director Irene Feng said:

“Jinchang now has some of the most progressive and humane regulations in the country for the management of canine companion animals.

“The authorities have been very open-minded, willing to listen, collaborate and act. As a result, both dogs, their guardians and the community at large are set to benefit from a more harmonious and beneficial relationship.”

The new regulations saw a number of Animals Asia’s recommendations promulgated in the legislation including:

-       Free initial registration for all dogs

-       Scrapping of the one household, one dog limit

-       Encouragement of spaying/neutering by guardians

-       Animal registration centres to be placed near communities for convenience

-       Support, encourage and collaborate with independent rescue shelters

-       Banning of illegal breeders and unregistered dog breeding facilities

-       Public education on responsible companion animal guardianship to be carried out by media, canine associations and community committees

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The injection of such humane legislation was a result of sustained lobbying and trust-building in the community.

Animals Asia met with the city authorities in summer 2018 to provide input on the new regulations and has worked with local shelters.

As a result the new Jinchang City Dog Ownership Management Regulation came into force on April 25 2019.

happy Jinchang dog lovers and their dogs2

Irene said:

“Our hard work in Jinchang doesn’t end here. We’ll keep monitoring the situation to ensure the regulations are working for dogs, people and the community, and will be on hand to provide additional support to the authorities should they need it.

“We’ll also continue to work with local shelters offering advice on how they can improve their facilities and the welfare of animals in their care.”

Animals Asia has also invited the Jinchang government to the charity’s upcoming 9th China Dog Ownership Management Symposium due to take place in May, 2020.

Animals Asia’s 8th China Dog Ownership Management Symposium in 2018 was attended by more than 120 officials and charity staff from 36 Chinese cities. The symposium brought all stakeholders together to discuss how all groups could collaborate to help stray animals through humane population control and dog ownership management.

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