Join thousands of people across the world and make a difference this #MoonBearDay

07 August 2020

“There are times in your life when something grabs you by the heart and changes your life. This is exactly what Animals Asia did to us.” Heather & Carol Nesbitt-Bayley, Organisers of Woofstock UK.

Heather and Carol Nesbitt-Bayley, Woofstock UK Organisers

This Saturday August 8, 2020, join us and thousands of like-minded people across the world to raise the roof for moon bears! Every year, we and our supporters come together to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s most exploited bear; the Asiatic black bear, also known as the moon bear. 

And this year, YOU can make more of a difference to the bears than ever before! 

In 2017, Animals Asia signed an historic agreement with the Vietnamese government to end the suffering caused by thecruel and unnecessary practice of bear bile farming. Animals Asia is working tirelessly to rescue the remaining 438 bears held captive in bile farms across the country and bring them home to Animals Asia’s sanctuaries. 

When people learn about the relatively unheard of practice of bear bile farming, they are appalled. Chris Coldrick, our Worcestershire Support Group Coordinator explained how, 20 years ago when she first heard how bile is extracted from caged bears, she was “so shocked and horrified, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I decided to help Animals Asia to rescue these bears.”

“Animals Asia has become a huge part of my life. In 2014 I was visiting their sanctuary in Chengdu when a bear called Oliver passed away. Oliver had lived for 30 years in a tiny cage and had his bile repeatedly and cruelly extracted.”

Chris Coldrick, Animals Asia Worcester Support Group member

To date, Animals Asia has rescued over 600 bears from bear bile farms across China and Vietnam, who live in peace with the best possible care. Visiting our sanctuaries can be a life changing experience, especially when you have contributed to it. As Richard Sanki, a North Somerset Moon Bear Rescue Support Group member recalls:

“What struck me more than anything was the interaction with the bears while they were outside feeding and playing, and watching them communicate with their eyes. It was very emotional.”

Our supporters are the backbone of Animals Asia

Our supporters have raised awareness of and funds for Animals Asia in a variety of interesting and fun ways over the years. Vijay Kritzinger, our Sunderland Support Group Coordinator has “fundraised at vegan fairs; completed Total Warrior, Ben Nevis and Snowdon; auctioned my artwork and donated proceeds from my book … I will support Animals Asia until the cruelty ends.”

Elinor Priestley, a teacher from West Yorkshire, explained how she introduced her class to how bears are treated on bile farms and they were “instantly hooked and desperate to help. They decided to organise a fundraising day. The kindness, support and encouragement we received from Animals Asia was fantastic and helped make the day a huge success.”

Aya Fujusaki first discovered the reality of bear bile farming from a magazine article in a doctors waiting room while awaiting treatment for breast cancer in 2011. “At that time, I was full of anxiety about how long I could live, but if I could survive this trial, I would like to help bears who are suffering from bile farms. There are differences in culture and ways of thinking. But if there is a future that can change, I want to help the bears who will end up in pain in a narrow cage, and the bears in darkness, to shine. It's also to remember the many people who have supported me.” Following successful treatments Aya established Japan’s first Animals Asia support group in the autumn of 2015, and the bears are so grateful she did!

But there is still much work to be done

438 bears are still waiting to be rescued in Vietnam. We need to build another sanctuary and recruit and train more staff to build them up, physically and psychologically, to be the bears they were always meant to be: playful, curious, and full of life and love. 

So, tomorrow,  join us and our “special, wonderful and loving family” to raise awareness and urgent funds for the “beautiful, forgiving bears who have suffered so much”. 

Fiona Aston, West Yorkshire Support Group Member; Laura Kartunnen, Animalia Ry Group Member 

How can I help make #MoonBearDay2020 the biggest yet?

We’re so glad you asked! There are so many ways in which you can help the bears this year - and all from the comfort of your sofa! 

How else can I help bring the remaining 438 bears in Vietnamese bile farms to a sanctuary?

The Animals Asia family

When you support Animals Asia - in whatever capacity - you became part of a global movement of compassionate and friendly people who are dedicated to ending animal cruelty. Many of our supporters describe being part of Animals Asia as like being part of a ‘family’. One of our supporters, Sarah Dawson, Mid-Kent Support Group Coordinator describes, “Animals Asia is a family that I am proud to be part of, and raising funds and awareness for this remarkable charity is simply an honour.  It’s wonderful to be able to support the bears and the other important programmes that Animals Asia run … those beautiful forgiving bears who have suffered so much show you just what is truly important in life.”

Sarah Dawson, Mid-Kent Support Group Coordinator

Together, through kindness, we can end bear bile farming

Every penny raised for Animals Asia supports our ultimate mission: to end bear bile farming and rescue the last caged bears. Carla Marani, Emilia Romagna Support Group Coordinator explains howeight years ago, by chance, I came across Animals Asia. But nothing ever happens by chance and that was the moment when my life changed completely: the bears had found me, and I never left them.

And I will never leave the most wonderful of organisations doing so much to change the fate of not just bears but all animals in Asia.”

From everyone at Animals Asia, and of course the bears, thank you for everything you do!

If you would like to become a moon bear hero like these amazing supporters share your Animals Asia story on social media with the hashtags #MoonBearDay and #TheOnlyCureIsKindess and please consider making a donation to help moon bears and other abused animals all year round.