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How ice melting in Canada helped a rescued moon bear in China called Dick

13 March 2017

When an ice block fell off a pole in freezing Canada, vital sponsorship was secured for an amazing bear rescued from a Chinese bile farm. Here’s how it happened.

Looking out over the lake near his home in Summerland, British Columbia - as the ice started to thaw - Australian in Canada, Eddie Kiff had an idea and he grabbed his camera.

Five poles were sticking out of the water, each had a block of ice hanging from them and day by day they were dripping and melting. Eddie, originally from Brisbane, took a photo.

From there Australian and Canadian friends were hooked. Friendly bets being made as to which would drop first. Across over 14,000 kms - they were united in their ice fixation.

Kim Stanton in Tallebudgera Valley, near Australia’s Gold Coast, was one of those following the progress. She explained:

“I spent Australia Day waiting for my cube to drop. I picked the dark horse - front left, as it seemed to be the fattest and heaviest. Most bets were on the two poles on the right as they were melting at a quicker rate. Weather temperatures were commented on, and outside interference was a big worry, especially as Eddie's dog Wallace kept swimming round the poles. Temperatures plummeted and people were scared that the cubes would get bigger, instead of melting.”

And as the days past, tension mounted:

And then one day….the news Kim was waiting for:

Kim - a big supporter of Animals Asia knew exactly what to do with her winnings - putting it towards sponsoring Dick bear who was rescued by Animals Asia from a bile farm. Dick has spent the past eight happy years at Animals Asia’s China sanctuary in Chengdu.

Kim said:

“I had been contemplating a Moon Bear sponsorship for a couple of days, so - this was obviously a sign. I guess this was a case of silly people watching Mother Nature come through for Mother Nature, but we had a laugh. And Dick was the winner.”

Animals Asia founder and CEO Jill Robinson said:

“This might be my favourite fundraising story of the year so far and it just shows how we can come together to stop cruelty. Who would have thought that such a chain of events would lead to such a beautiful outcome – Dick is such a fun loving boof of a bear and I love that he benefits from this. Well done to Kim, great job to Eddie for his filming and commentary. We love you both.”

Kim’s winning will contribute to Dick bear’s ongoing care and there’ll be just enough for a few special treats.

And what do bears love best?


Prince and Bonny enjoying an ice block, CBRC 2008