100m reasons for optimism in fight to end bear bile farming

29 April 2015

Dubbed the “million followers club” with over 100 million followers between them – an elite group of Chinese celebrities is speaking up for bears.

This army of some of the biggest names in China can directly reach almost a tenth of the population – a figure that is dramatically boosted by fan sharing.

They’ve been brought together by Animals Asia to voice their opposition to the bear bile industry. Alongside their social media support they’re also appearing in a movie that directly asks the public to reject bear bile in favour of the many herbal and synthetic alternatives.

Global superstars such as Karen Mok, Maggie Q and basketball sensation Yao Ming are joined by a host of celebs from screen, stage and catwalk, unanimous in their opposition to the still-legal practice of caging bears to extract their bile.

Combined, the 14 celebrities have the ability to reach 113.78 million people on China’s premier social media platform Sina Weibo alone.

Gao Yuanyuan backs the fight against bear bile farming

Animals Asia founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE said:

“Everyone at Animals Asia is delighted to have the very public support of some of China’s biggest names. The potential of these animal lovers to reach more than 100 million people via social media is a true game changer bringing the truth behind bear bile farming to an unprecedented audience. Their efforts to realise much desired change is having a very real effect in raising awareness in the country.”

National icons who have publically backed Animals Asia and called for an end to bear bile consumption include filmstar Gao Yuanyuan, who appeared in Prix de Jury prizewinning film “Shanghai Dreams”, award-winning actress Sun Li – hailed as “the queen of television” – and singer Zhou Bichuang named “Best Worldwide Act” by MTV Europe in 2014.

Sun Li backs the fight against bear bile farming

See the Chinese celebrities supporting Animals Asia here.