Dolphins suffer out of water next to performing bears – end this cruel flying circus now

15 March 2017

Startling new footage from Indonesia’s travelling circuses reveals dolphins out of water next to performing BEARS, risking damage to both animals.

The dolphins are then forced to stay even longer out of the water while families, unaware of the cruelty involved, queue up for poolside SELFIES.

Indonesia’s circuses, which see dolphins travel by plane in tiny crates, have reached a new low as the latest footage reveals the dolphins spend much of the performance out of the water.

families queue for selfies 1families take photos with dolphin out of water

Experts claim being out of the water for a dolphin means they run the risk of numerous harmful physical and psychological issues which can ultimately kill them.

dolphins out of water 2

Animals Asia’s Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale said:

“Although they are mammals and breathe air like humans, dolphins have not evolved to spend time out water. The lack of buoyancy can lead to pressure on the lungs, which can cause respiratory problems, and the rapid dehydration can have a negative impact on their skin.

“In addition they are at risk of being scratched by uneven surfaces, and being exposed to chemicals that may have been used to clean surfaces. Add in all the noise – particularly from a circus setting – and you have a recipe for physical and psychological trauma which may be killing these highly complex animals.”

Indonesia’s three travelling circuses are thought to own around 70 dolphins. Footage has revealed that after each performance the animals are loaded onto planes and flown to the next location.

sun bear cub rides bike past dolphin 1

Animals Asia – along with Scorpion Foundation and Change for Animals Foundation – is petitioning local airline Sriwijawa Air to end their complicity with this animal cruelty and end the live dolphin flights. So far nearly 25,000 animal lovers from around the world have added their names.

The latest footage was shot by Scorpion Foundation, thanks to funding from Animals Asia, at performances in East Java and West Sumatera earlier this month.

dolphin out of water for otter performance 2bored staff wait with dolphin out of water

International NGO Dolphin Project claim dolphins at the circuses are believed to be dying around the age of five, while in the wild they can be expected to live until 30.

Dave Neale said:

“It’s hard to imagine a less suitable environment for dolphins. They are separated from their friends and family, forced to do tricks for food and must survive in the tiniest of pools. Once the show is over, it only gets worse. They are fished out of the water, strapped into a box and loaded onto a plane. Clearly, the last thing being taken into consideration in this situation is the welfare of the animals and the evidence suggests this cruelty is ultimately killing them.” 

To help stop Indonesia’s flying dolphin circuses, sign Animals Asia’s petition today and tell Sriwijawa Air to end their complicity in animal cruelty.