Chinese students learn life-long animal welfare lessons

30 September 2014

CAU students learn veterinary skills

When Chinese vet students joined the team at our China Bear Rescue Centre they learned animal welfare lessons that will last a lifetime.

The students were all from the China Agriculture University (CAU), one of the country's premier locations for veterinary studies. It benefits from the expertise of lecturer Dr Jin Yi Peng, General Secretary of the Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine's Small Animals department.

Animals Asia's close relationship with Dr Jin made the internships possible, and the work they undertook with both bears and the centre's small animal hospital left a lasting impression on the students as their glowing feedback shows.

Yao Li Li

I really want to say thank you to everyone I met here. It's far more than what we expected. We were prepared for simple and basic work like feeding or taking care of the bears. We thought it would be very nice to just have the chance to watch some medical treatment. But what was planned for us was far more exciting than our expectations.

We have fulfilled every goal for volunteering there. The tasks were different every day and they all had a lot to offer. We also learned a bit about a different culture through communication with everyone.

The best part

The work was varied and interesting and so is life there. We learned some veterinary skills and also the proficiency and attitude of a world class vet team. We really benefited a lot. The bit I liked best was taking part in the bear health checks. I didn't have much to do but I was given a peep into a whole new world!

Staff and volunteers comfort animals in the clinic

Lai Meng Yu

I love this place! If I ever have another chance, I want to volunteer again or work here. It was such a great to have the opportunity to come here! Thanks to everyone I met here!

I'd like to learn more about bear behaviour, physiology, pathology and also treatment. I'm interested in a lot of work here, like bear reception, integration, enrichment, enclosure design and bear treatment. I liked working with the people here probably because people working around animals tend to be easy going. When I hear them talk about bears, I can really feel their passion and love for animals.

The best part

I liked every tasked assigned actually. The chance I had to work with the vet team and to do enrichment and observe the bears all contributed to my knowledge. It was also a benefit to us to communicate with people from different countries.

CAU students enjoying their experience at CBRC

Wu Xiao Tong

I felt lucky and honoured to be there and I think of it more as learning than as volunteering. Everyone at the sanctuary was kind, selfless and taught us patiently. I would definitely apply for another chance to volunteer here, to help and protect the bears. I'll also share what I learned here with others.

The best part

Health checking the bears with vets, doing enrichment, preparing medication and cleaning were all good. I learned a lot from the health checks, presentations and communication with other departments.

Peng Shi Hao

It was an honour to join the organisation and do something for the animals. Working with people from other parts of the world inspired new thoughts on caring for animals. Animals are our friends and we are doing too little for them as friends and we need to think of them more. I feel good about whatever I can do for them and I love this work.

The best part

I got to know different departments doing different things for bears and saw the organisation as a whole. Staff were very considerate in planning our schedule and in the way they treat animals. Every day there was happy and inspiring. I discovered my limits through communication with the vets and learned many instructive skills. I learned how to deal with dogs and also gained a better understanding of small animals.

CAU students learn from the vets